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Regardless of operating system, you will need the following dependencies:

Assuming that you have NPM installed, you can install all of these packages with this command:

$ npm install -g typescript gulp angular-cli ionic cordova


  • XCode (with all available updates)
  • XCode Command Line Tools.



It is highly recommended that you use an editor that supports Typescript. This will allow you to easily spot syntax and import errors, have access to IntelliSense, and basic syntax highlighting. Feel free to use whichever you feel comfortable with. However if you need some suggestions, try these free editors below. Each is platform agnostic and open source with extensive plugin support.

Visual Studio Code extensions

If you are going to use Visual Studio Code, here is a list of recommended extensions:

  • Relative Path
  • Launcher
  • Wallaby.js
  • Angular 2 Typescript snippets
  • tslint
  • Git History

Ionic View

Ionic View is an application made by the folks at Ionic for Ionic developers. During development, you can deploy your application using the Ionic CLI to your free account. From there, your or a client can view the application without having to worry about using Testflight or application signing. Available for both Android and iOS.